Kickoff meeting of the 5G-PHOS project

The kickoff meeting of the 5G-PHOS project was conducted in Athens, Greece, during 11th and 12th of September 2017. 5G-PHOS investigates the exploitation of integrated optical technologies towards enhancing Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) convergence in order to realize cost-effective and energy-efficient 5G network solutions for high density use cases. Iquadrat will work towards the design, development and evaluation of novel medium transparent dynamic bandwidth allocation protocols for converged FiWi fronthaul and small-cell access under various use-case scenarios, while Iquadrat leads the corresponding work package of the project. Furthermore, Iquadrat will work on the development of an SDN control plane for orchestrating the complete FiWi 5G network towards low-latency and energy-efficient reconfigurable 5G Network-on-Demand schemes, by utilizing its advanced SDN-enabled 5G testbed. Finally, Iquadrat will contribute to the field-trial pilot demonstrations of the 5G-PHOS by configuring and testing the developed building blocks of the 5G-PHOS solution.

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