ENIAC 2015 Innovation Award

The Energy to Smart Grid (E2SG) – project is the ENIAC JU 2015 innovation award´s winner. The prize was given during the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2015 (ENF’15). E2SG addresses the transformation of today’s power grid to an intelligent grid that utilizes smart metering, secure communication and power-consumption information processing, as well as advanced control of power distribution and highly efficient power conversion, in order to enable a more efficient use of the available energy and to significantly reduce the consumption of private, industrial and public consumers.

The E2SG consortium comprises of 29 partners from 9 countries, including big industrial players, innovative SMEs and high quality research centers. The results of the E2SG are published in more than 115 contributions, some in premier conferences & events and 36 scientific Journal publications. Moreover, 7 patents and 4 patent applications for semiconductor devices/technology and power conversion were filed.

In the framework of the E2SG project, Iquadrat has proposed innovative demand response algorithms for the efficient scheduling of loads in order to reduce power consumption in peak-demand periods. Moreover, Iquadrat has developed a system-level-simulator that determines the peak demand and the total power consumption in a residential area. The results of the work have been published in journals with high impact factor such as IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Energy and Applied Energy.

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