Arxiu de la Reial Acadèmia de les Bones Lletres

Almost three centuries of documentation

Who wants to live forever?

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The Arxiu històric de l'Acadèmia de Bones Lletres de Barcelona is the documentary result of the institution's, almost, three hundred years of existence. The archivists-academics who have cared for it throughout history have made it possible to preserve and survive the documentation to this day. And today, all this work is accessible to everyone, not only because the documents are there but also because a search-oriented architecture will be our personal virtual
When knowledge and technology play together, time becomes just a number.


Search-oriented architecture

The use of search engine technology is the main component of integration in a system like this. What we do is complement the relational database management system with the indexing technology used to build search engines. Information queries that would normally be made using SQL are replaced by keyword searches or by structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data field in order to make the object of the search and its matches more similar.