Higgs field

This mechanism adds a quantum field that permeates all space to the Standard Model. Below some extremely high temperature, the field causes spontaneous symmetry breaking during interactions. The breaking of symmetry triggers the Higgs mechanism, causing the bosons it interacts with to have mass.
How do we break symmetry:

Experience design

We want our design process to be as visual and collaborative as possible, putting the user front and center at all times. The process must be understandable and allow anyone to participate in any phase of the process.

Application development & integration

We create custom applications and integrate with third party systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Salesforce, Monday, Pipedirve,…) – delivering donations services, health assessments, booking systems, virtual consultations, biometrics and complex integrations into regulated back-office data providers.


Content Management and CRM

From content architecture to technical implementation, we’ve delivered CMS ,CRM implementations and integrations – embedding content workflow, compliance and author training.

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Experts in performance and security, infrastructure as code, continuous deployment, and systems maintenance ensure the right code is deployed at the right time, to the right environments, in the right way.

Hosting & infrastructure

We have years of experience architecting, creating and managing business critical hosting platforms – meeting strict information security, performance and change management controls.