Research & Development Department

IQUADRAT R&D has a focused business plan specifically intended on delivering a “new generation of research tools for system level evaluation of wireless integrated communication systems”. The company is involved in projects with large corporate clients, mobile operators and public authorities and is currently active in three different domains: Software development, consultancy primarily in wireless network planning, and R&D for developing new and innovative products. Our R&D department is involved in many National and EU-funded research projects, and has extensive know-how in IoT Networks, simulation methodologies for Radio Access Networks, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Demand Response algorithms for the Smart Grid.

Our Values


MISSION: Our mission is to bring value for society and our customers through innovative, efficient, neutral and quality management for the provision of novel telecommunication technologies through the drive and development of our staff team.


VISION: Iquadrat’s vision is to be surrounded by highly motivated, ethical, and ambitious individuals with the drive and determination to satisfy customers’ expectations at all levels.
Our research team always strives to contribute with novel and sophisticated solutions that impact the research community and out customers.